Closet Done – Still Catching Up!

This took me 3 days, and the closet is done, but the junk that needs to find a new home is not. I was surprised to learn that most of the space that was being used in my bedroom closet was filled with boxes that were either empty, nearly empty, or filled with trash. It feels really good to have some empty space and minimal clutter.

Some interesting finds:
• A tiny copper ring with the initials AG engraved on it. Andrew believes it was his grandfather’s ring, but is going to confirm with his mom.
• All our leftover wedding stuff like tiny bottles of bubbles (this is going to come in handy with Kate), our champagne glasses, guest book, cake topper and cake knife.
• My old winter garments from Massachusetts including a few hats, some gloves and mittens, a couple scarves. (These are not likely to come in handy any time soon; the daily high temperature is over 80 already here in Central Florida.)

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