Hello, I’m Tara.

I just like to make things. All the things. It started when I was pretty young, I got into the usual stuff… crayons, fingerpaints, watercolor. You know how it starts. In grade school I started to learn how to crochet and do origami. In middle school I learned how to use a sewing machine. In high school I started to get into Photoshop and Illustrator.

Friends, this escalation has not stopped. I bought my first Cricut about 10 years ago; it was an Expression and ran on cartridges. I learned to use Sure-Cuts-A-Lot, but obviously, when the cloud-based Explore with Design Space came out, I needed that. Then of course the Maker came out, and I absolutely had to have that. That’s when I started to really start to learn how to make my own vector files in Inkscape and Illustrator, which sparked the existence of my Etsy shop.

A couple years ago, I made the coolest thing I’d ever made – Baby Kate! My precious bean, my partner in crime. I can’t say yet if she has any artistic talent, but I can tell you she’s starting much how I did with the crayons. Right now, her favorite crayon is green, although I think her favorite crayon color might be yellow. It’s hard to say, she’s 2 and she doesn’t speak much English yet. We’re working on it.

So, long story long, I’ve got a Snapmaker 2.0 arriving some time later this year – it’s a 3-in-1 laser, 3D printer and CNC machine. I have no experience with any of these things, but you know I couldn’t resist buying a cool new machine. I’m hoping to engage my dear husband in some of this crafting chicanery with the new machine… if we can find a place to put it.

Fun facts:
• I like to start things far more than I like to finish things.
• I enjoy the hobby of collecting craft supplies a tiny bit more than I enjoy actually making things which causes a huge stash of supplies to build up. I really like making things.
• I am very much a Taurus; if it looks pretty, has a neat texture, smells good, it doesn’t matter… I want it.
• The skill I wish I had developed more: Drawing.

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